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Welcome to AVITUR
With a bit of pride, we offer the services of our company, Agentes Asociados para Viajes y Turismo, better known as AVITUR. We provide tours destined for every part of Mexico. We feature the most important and popular destinations that our country has to offer as well as Guatemala and Belize.
This catalog presents the traditional services for groups that are operated in the classical circuits from Mexico City and Cancun. For individuals, we also offer services à la carte in the principal cities of the center, south and southeast of Mexico.
We would take great pleasure in attending to your needs while you visit our country, whether they are group or individual. AVITUR is at your service at our main office in Cancun.
If you have any questions related to travel in Mexico, please do not hesitate to contact us. We will provide immediate answers to your requests.

Jorge Díaz Nava
General Manager