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Classic Mexico Tour
Classic Mexico Tour

1st day - Cancun / Valladolid / Chichen Itza
Reception at the Mexico City Airport. Transfer to the Hotel.

2nd day - Cancun / Valladolid / Chichen Itza

Route to Chichen Itza. Along the way visit of Valladolid, colonial city where it is common see women dressed in huipiles (traditional tunics embroidered with vibrant colors) . Depart to visit the largest archaeological zone of the Maya world. With more than 300 hectares, there’s ample to see at Chichen Itza: the Temple of Kukulkan, the Mayan Ball Game, the Sacred Cenote, the Temple of the Tigers and the Temple of the Warriors are the main attractions which are found between numerous smaller ruins.

3rd day - Chichen Itza / Merida / Uxmal
Depart for Merida also know as “The White City”. The city combines the appeal and grace of old Europe with a large dose of modern, cosmopolitan culture, Museums, old churches, beautiful government buildings, monuments, and shady, treelined plazas fill the city, and music is everywhere. Continue to Uxmal. Visit the archaeological site, one of the most extraordinary testimonies of the Mayan civilization. See the great Cuadrilátero de las Monjas (Quadrilateral of the Nuns), the Palace of the Governor and the Templo del Adivino (Temple of the Soothsayer). See the light and sound show.
Independence Route

4th. Day - Uxmal / Campeche / Palenque
Depart for Campeche, visit the city which was built on a site of a former Mayan fishing village in about 1540. In colonial times it was the most important port on the Yucatan Peninsula. Thick walls were built around the city due to frequent attacks by English, French ans Dutch pirates. The city is endowed with the charm of 1700’s architecture, and has recently been involved in revitalizing the oldest buildings, renovating old stone facades, painting where needed, bringing back its colonial charm. Continue to Palenque.

5th. Day - Palenque
In the morning, visit of the famous archaeological Mayan zone of Palenque where the temples are elevated on small hills and surrounded by exuberant tropical vegetation. The main buildings are el Templo de las Inscripciones (the Temple of the Inscriptions) and el Palacio del Gobernador (the Palace of the Governor). Along the way, admire the Cascadas de Agua Azul (Blue Waterfalls) located in the tropical forest of Chiapas.

6th. Day -Palenque / Yaxchilan / Flores
Depart for Yaxchilan located in the Lacandon jungle. The Lacandon Maya have occupied the area for hundreds of years, few of them speak Spanish. The jungle environment protected them from most outsiders, their traditions have remained the same. Visit of Yaxchilan ruins lie on the Usumacinta River, which separates Mexico and Guatemala. Continue into Guatemala to Flores.

7th. Day - Flores / Tikal / Flores
Flores is an island in Lake Peten Itza. Tikal with Copan is one of the best-known Mayan sites. In 1979 was declared a monument and placed on UNESCO’s heritage list. It requires more than one day to fully appreciate the vastness and quality of the site: to walk, admire the monuments and observe the flora and fauna of Tikal. The city has some of the highest temples in Maya territory organized around the Great Plaza bordered by small temples and groups of structures perfectly restored, scattered in the forest, are linked by paths or broad avenues which follow the line of the ancient Mayan causeways.

8th. Day - Flores / Belize
Depart for Belize City. Along the way visit of Xunantunich. There are Classic Maya remains in beautiful surroundings. The 147 feet-high Castillo is a monumental Mayan structure, on its south face, a stucco frieze, restored is a cosmological composition on several levels representing the earth and the sky in the form of a celestial band supported by bacons. The impressive view takes in jungle, the lowlands of the Peten and the blue flanks of the Maya Mountains. Continue to Belize City.

9th. Day – Belize
Bordered by Mexico, Guatemala and Caribbean Coast, in 1981 British Honduras became independent and joined the Commonwealth as Belize which formed part of the territory formerly occupied by the Maya. The first settlers were English with their black slaves from Jamaica. Belize City is the old capital and chief town. Most of the houses are built of wood, often of charming design, they stand for the most part on piles about seven feet above the ground, which is often swampy and flooded. Tour by boat to some cays where fishermen live, coconuts are grown, quiet islands for relaxing, with bird watching, snorkeling or fishing. Return to Belize City.

10th. Day - Belize / Playa del Carmen
Depart for Cancun. Along the way, visit the largest archaeological zone of the Mayan World, Chichen Itza. The highlights are the Temple of Kukulkan, the Ball Game Coliseum, the Cenote, the Temple of the Tigers and the Temple of the Warriors. Continue to Cancun, the most important tourist center of the country which is located on an island 20km. long and 400m. wide. With a series of lagoons on one side and the Caribbean sea on the other, it maybe the most beautiful bathing resort in the world with its aquatic wonders and beaches with coral sand so fine that they resemble white talc.

11th. Day - Playa del Carmen / Cancun
Transfer to the airport.

Classic Mexico Tour
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